Pale Flax, Linum bienne Family: Linaceae
Pale Flax
Linum bienne

Flowering time: May-September. Perennial. Native

Prefers warm, infertile, base-rich to calcareous soils on dry banks, grassland, cliff-slopes and roadsides.

Many slender, wiry stems with very narrow grey-green leaves with 1-3 veins. The pale-blue flowers with darker veins and pointed sepals are followed by globular fruit. Flowering stems to 30cm long.

Similar: Flax / Linseed, L. usisatissimum has wider leaves

Pale Flax, Linum bienne

Pale Flax, Linum bienne

Pale Flax, Linum bienne
The Purbecks, Dorset. August 2008

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